Cake with cheesecake and strawberries

This strawberry cheesecake bagatelle is a visually stunning and deliciously plated dessert that is ideal.

for chaque occasion. Graham’s layers of creamy cheesecake, fresh strawberries, and biscuits

Miettes, c’est un élaboré mélange de textures et de saveurs. This is a detailed recipe to make this

lovely dessert.

Regarding the cheesecake couche:
Two packages (each containing eight pieces) of cheese, ramolli

One teaspoon of powdered sugar

One cuillère à café with vanilla extract

Two thick tasses of cream that have been whipped in firm peaks

Four fresh, decorated, and tranchée strawberries are needed for the strawberry couche.

1/4 cup powdered sugar (facultatif, adjust to taste)

Regarding Graham’s biscuit couch:
Graham biscuit tasses, two in number

1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted

1/4 cup of powdered sugar

Unspecified ingredients:
Crème fouettée pour l’accessoire (accessoire)

Additional fries for the garnish

Step 1: Prepare the cheesecake layer
Mash the cheese into the cream in a large bowl until a smooth and creamy consistency is achieved.

Pour l’extrait de vanille et le sucre en poudre et battre jusqu’à ce que tout soit bien mélangé.

Gently incorporate the whipped cream until it is well incorporated. Setting aside.

Step 2:

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